Sunday, September 1, 2013

Video: Tisch on Common Core and Thompson for Mayor

"The reason to test to the Common Core is because the Common Core is being rolled out."
The NYS Regents Chancellor that was a key player in creating NYS's APPR, appointing Commissioner John King, and quite possibly the Advance evaluation system in New York City.

Toxic endorsement alert and circular argument alert: New York State Board of Regents Chancellor and Chairwoman of Thompson for Mayor Merryl Tisch in video interview discusses why she thinks Bill Thompson has the best temperament to lead New York City.

In this weird 15 minute video from the City & State site she mainly fixates on the purported imperative of the Common Core State Standards.

She makes it clear through much of the interview that implementation of "roll-out" of the Common Core is the paramount objective of teachers and schools. "The reason to test to the Common Core is because the Common Core is being rolled out." What circulatory logic!

Her endorsement of Thompson can be narrowed down to this: his temperament, "his ability to reach across aisles." Translation: bi-partisan collaboration. Ah, collaboration, like presidents Obama and Weingarten.

Otherwise, a mysterious zero commentary on any Thompson policy positions.

[More of her nuggets of wisdom on the Common Core and New York state's Common Core-based tests read this interview on WNYC where she identified adults as the source of students' test stress: "If adults are going to pass their stress along to students, I would urge them not to." And for more on Tisch, and her protege, John King, the author of the New York city Advance teacher evaluation click here.]

Parents, educators, if you are uncomfortable with Common Core or making teacher evaluations based largely around high-stakes standardized tests based around the Common Core, then re-think any affinity you have for Bill Thompson.