Sunday, March 12, 2017

Did DeBlasio Took UFT For Suckers?: NYC is Floating Automation Over Substitute Teachers

No, you cannot make this up. About a month ago New York City mayor Bill De Blasio made a surprise appearance at the UFT's Delegate Assembly for an endorsement.

Yet, just weeks later the New York City Independent Budget Office  is showing how much the city hates teachers. The agency is floating an idea of using "e-learning" in the place of paid, live, substitute teachers at the high school level.
So thinks the mayor-controlled DOE?

As the New York Post reported Thursday,

“Under this option, high schools with a teacher who is absent fewer than three consecutive days would no longer use per diem substitutes but rather assign students an e-learning period for the affected class session,” the report states.
E-learning, as laid out by the IBO, would entail that high school students work on “online assignments” that would “ideally be related to the current class syllabus, credit recovery, or extra credit.”

The annual report, released Thursday, included more than 90 other belt-tightening prescriptions the city might try to cut costs and raise revenues.

 All to save $9 million dollars yearly. Let's see if De Blasio shows himself to have progressive cred and rejects the budget office's anti-human staffing plan. His decision will be a test of his true colors.