Sunday, February 28, 2010

The biased interests in Moskowitz - Klein connection

Read Juan Gonzalez' piece in the Daily News, February 26, 2010
"Moskowitz asks Klein to expand charters; Dept. of Education closes schools to make room"
about charter school entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz's cozy relationship with New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein:
On Oct. 3, 2008, Eva Moskowitz, a former city councilwoman and head of four charter schools in Harlem, e-mailed schools Chancellor Joel Klein for help.

Moskowitz wanted more space to expand her Harlem Success academies and she had two specific public school buildings in mind.

"Those schools are ps194 and ps241," she wrote to Klein. "It would be extremely helpful to move quickly on."

Less than two months later, the Department of Education announced plans to phase out those schools and use the space to expand two Harlem Success academies.

The note was among 125 e-mails between Moskowitz and the chancellor the Daily News obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eva Moskowitz / Joel Klein all hours email gabfest

. . . emails to Klein and to other familiar personalities in DoE, Inc. --e.g., John White.

Her scores of emails have been acquired by the New York Daily News under a Freedom of Information Law request.

They demonstrate a hand-in-hand relationship between a private education entrepreneur (Harlem Success Academy boss Eva Moskowitz) and a public official (NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein).

Click to this Norm Scott blogpost for the link to the email exchange archive.

Moskowitz apparently had a special inside relationship with Klein. She was able to streamline her objectives, with his help at circumventing Tweed underlings that were not the most cooperative.