Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote for DeBlasio, Escalator of Homelessness and Perpetuator of Education Deform

New York City mayor Bill De Blasio has put on a show of being a progressive mayor.

But in reality his housing policies exacerbate the crisis of the unaffordability of housing. His rezoning polices allow gentrification to escalate.

Just read these articles:
In the Indypendent: https://indypendent.org/2016/03/assessing-de-blasio-affordable-housing/
In Grist:  http://grist.org/cities/new-yorks-housing-plan-will-displace-longtime-residents-so-neighborhoods-are-fighting-back/

And, as you can read in the Chaz blogs at chaz11.blogspot.com, he has continued the counter-productive, anti-teacher, anti-student policies of Michael Bloomberg, with no shakeup of the administrators at the Department of Education.