Friday, December 30, 2016

Classism and the Installation of WiFi in NYC MTA Stations & Dangers in MTA Hacks of Your Phone

DNA Info ran a story today claiming that the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority will have WiFi in all subway stations by New Years' Eve, so that means by tomorrow.

This is another big case of I'll believe it when I see it. WiFi has been a big marker of how "respectable" the neighborhood is. So, Chelsea was one of the first to get WiFi. A few express and local stations in Forest Hills were among the first to get WiFi as well. But I realized this was the race and class privilege as usual with the MTA when I noticed that there was hardly any WiFi in the Bronx, Harlem or the A and C train sections in Brooklyn.

And notice how subway frequency on the L and the F are so much better than the C and the E trains. (Maybe toss in the A train above 168th Street, as many trains end there.) The schedules are misleading.

Maybe they mean New Year's Eve, the night before 2018 ushers in.

And be sure to avoid charging your phone or other devices in public places. So that means do not plug your devices into the new USB plugs on the MTA buses.
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