Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can Cuomo Do Common Core Homework? New York: Parents Launch CCSS Math Homework At Governor – @NYGovCuomo

Originated from conservative site. But they've got a point: can NY Governor Andrew Cuomo do the homework? A panel is needed to review the Common Core. Are you kidding? Any panel of parents can tell you it is nonsense. Make sure to read this analysis at Perdido Street School blog. It turns out that Cuomo packed the panel with Common Core supporters. And, the United Federation of Teachers pres. Michael Mulgrew supports Cuomo's sop to (rightly) disgruntled parents. Teachers across NYS: is this the kind of person you want supplanting current president Dick Iannuzzi with a proxy?
Postscript: the Regents tentatively considered some changes to modify the impact of the Common Core. Common Core Gov. Cuomo went ballistic. The Regents finally reversed on their initial consideration to revise the Common Core impact. Remember, Mulgrew all through this has supported Gov. Cuomo. Read ICEUFT's analysis: Mulgrew's only complaint coming from his simple two sentence analysis is that the Common Core curriculum needs to be sharpened. NYS teachers: your local district leader will be voting in a special assembly in New York City in April. Who do you want charting the future of NYS teacher union politics?: Dick Iannuzzi or Mulgrew's puppet Karen Magee?

New York parents are launching their children’s Common Core math homework – AT Governor Cuomo. Mark Ferreris, a leader in Stop Common Core in New York State, came up with the idea of sending the children’s homework to the Governor. Tired of seeing their children “suffer each night with abusive, age-inappropriate homework that destroys both their self-esteem and their freedom to truly learn,” Ferreris and other organizers planned the campaign and created a public Facebook event page at Stop Common in New York State, set for February 28, 2014:

New York parents will simply send their child’s homework via email or regular mail to Governor Cuomo. They plan to title each email or tweet: “CAN YOU DO THIS? –Because Our Children Can’t.” 

“Let him get a taste of the suffocating, mind-numbing curriculum that he’s helped shove down our children’s throats which will enslave their impressionable minds….. It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s for YOUR CHILDREN…. Flood him with emails daily or send weekly updates to him,” said organizers.

If you are in New York, here is the contact information for your governor: 


MAIL: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo – Office of the Governor – NYS State Capital Building – Albany, NY 12224 Tweet: @NYGovCuomo
 Wondering what the homework actually looks like? Here are a few samples.
 EngageNY/Common Core Math Homework
 This one is from a first grade class:
Math HW EngageNY CC Grade 1 for Inclusion Class

Governor Cuomo, can you do it? The next one is from a kindergarten class. (Where are the plus, minus, or equals signs? What is a “number bond”?)
math NY 2

This next one is for second graders. It could as well be for college students; it makes no sense.
math ny 4

Here’s one for third graders that avoids simplicity and clarity, deliberately:
math ny 3