Sunday, October 13, 2013

Common Core Chaos Achieving Goal of Driving Parents Out of Public Education?

Aside from the Common Core Gates Standards [erroneously called States Standards -see the truth on how they were created and how they were funded] having been created in an objectionable process outside of representative government, the chaos of Common Core destructive innovation is alienating parents away from the institution of public education.

The Comments sections to blogs and video posts are chock full of statements of parents taking their kids out of school to avoid Common Core, or activists advocating the same.

By various means-- the privatizers are achieving their goals of weakening public support for education. One example of an activist exploiting the CCSS chaos to advocate withdrawal from public schools, in response to the admirably named post, "Data Addiction and Common Core Dictates Destroying Schools: Utah Teacher Diana McKay Speaks Out on Common Core:"

Well here are my two cents. GET KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL now. There is no beating what is happening. We have to starve the beast and watch it implode on itself. We have only one choice at this point. Either Home School or get your kids into a private school that takes no federal funding and teaches only classical education. Hey how about you start a school of your own?? Time take stock of your priorities. Those that say they can’t are really saying they don’t want to. See out [sic] new FB page……….GET KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL

Admittedly, the comments one encounters are anecdotal and their representative character unscientific. Yet, we can anticipate that they reflect a growing feeling among parents and that many of those with the means will withdraw their children from public schools. And once parents have taken their children out of public schools, we can anticipate that many of them will be less willing to pay taxes to support public education.
Yet, others have anticipated that all the chaos will undermine support for public education:
From a post two months ago, PARCC Common Core test tricks and the secrecy of the tests
Diane Ravitch mentions in "What is the Goal of Common Core testing?" that Rick Hess predicts that Common Core States Standards anxiety, prompting some parents "to demand “reforms” and an escape from their neighborhood schools." As she says, reformers will gloat over failing scores (no doubt to continue the "failing schools" line --schools that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo now says deserves the "death penalty").