Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can You Pass The Progressive's Common Core Quiz?

*Common Core quiz from The Progressive magazine *Florida liberals against Common Core


Susan Ohanian and Stephen Krashen, The Progressive, January 26, 2013 

7. Common Core Standards were developed because
a) parents worry that US children score far below other countries on international tests.
b) teachers lack the skills to craft adequate curriculum and wanted help.
c) state departments of education asked for them.
d) of grass-roots concern that children need special tools to compete in the Global Economy.
e) the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid for them.

8. Common Core Standards in literacy were written by
a) classroom teachers.
b) child psychologists.
c) university researchers.
d) business leaders.
e) a lawyer who specializes in "standards-driven reform" and someone whose background is in Management Consulting, who once tutored children while studying at Yale.

9. The new Common Core tests
a) let the teachers know exactly what each student needs to learn next.
b) give parents evidence teachers are doing their job.
c) ensure that standards are being met.
d) give principals a fair way to evaluate teachers.
e) make fiscal demands many districts cannot meet.

10. The new online feature of Common Core testing
a) will reduce administration costs.
b) will streamline student evaluation.
c) offers new opportunities for creativity.
d) will lead to more individualized learning.
e) means students will be tested many more times each year.

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10. E

For questions 1 through 6 of the quiz, go to Ohanian and Krashen's article in The Progressive.
[For facts on how Gates used the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to push through Common Core, and the key players in the secretive formation of the Common Core, read The Common Core and Gates' Education Commercialization Complex and read here on how bipartisan the elite support for it is, and how bipartisan the opposition can become.]
 * * *

Notice that the Democratic ed reformers seem to have their arguments in a pack style. (Just take your pick of the New York Times op-ed pieces.) NYSED Commissioner John King and US ED Secretary Arne Duncan both characterize the opposition as exclusively Tea Partiers. (See here and here, respectively.) NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and NYSED Associate Commissioner Ken Wagner both attribute student's stress over tests as coming from their parents' reading anti-test material in the media. (For both, see here.)

So, in Florida we see a qualified criticism of the Common Core from the liberal Bad Ass Teacher chapter, Maureen McGrory reported in the Miami Herald. Also, the Democratic Progressive Caucus in the state is expressing concern over the Common Core testing. So, more proof to disprove Sec. Duncan.