Thursday, February 10, 2011

Democrat Emanuel Pitching Same Anti-Teacher Line as Republican Bloomberg

Today there is a war against teachers. The war takes many forms.
Administration failings, which I cited on Monday, parental and student failings bear upon the educational outcomes at schools. However, teachers are the only ones blamed.
But there is a hidden agenda threaded through the attacks. There is an attack on pensions, by Democrat Andrew Cuomo, by Republican Chris Christie, and there is an attack on the experienced, higher salaried teachers.
Democrat Rahm Emanuel, former White House advisor, former Democratic Congressman, is aiming to go after higher salaried teachers. He casts the argument as an anti-seniority argument. Emanuel is pushing the line of eliminating the older, experienced teachers, in the same way the Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg is.
Emanuel, in his get tough on veteran teachers zeal, is following in the footsteps of former Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan, another assistant to the Democratic president Barack Obama, who has blamed teachers for all of the ills of modern educational performance.